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"To Sacrifice Is To Love" Editorial

“Love, for thousands of years, artist have attempted to capture their vision of what love means. Now love feels, two amazingly talented artist have come together to express their own passions about love, from an era when to love someone different than you would be seen as a sin, even a betrayal , to the meaning of love. Embracing their Chinese roots, fashion designer Devon Yan-Berrong and fashion photographer Choiyee Wong have turned the clocks back to the old society for a fashion/photo storytelling with " To Sacrifice Is to Love ". A deeply moving collection of photo's base from 3 different parts of love stories from early 1900's to 1930's that express the desires and needs to be loved, but the reality of feudatories, prejudiced and arrogance in the old Chinese society, at that time, would not allow such a love to thrive with the internationally acclaimed fashion line of "Madame Butterfly" from "Devonation" by Devon Yan-Berrong, creating the mood and the brilliant photographic eye of Choiyee Wong perfectly capturing Yan-Berrong's dreams. Rarely can two gifted artists come together and so effortlessly create what will certainly, be praised and celebrate Devon Yan-Berrong and Choiyee Wong have done so.

Behind the scene/Interview

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